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Innovative  business  solution  to  manage  your  company  systematically

Business  is  about  keeping  yourself  informed !

Do you have a complete visibility of your business now?

Do you feel the expansion of your business has conferred lesser control over your operations?

We are sure the answer for above questions is going to be a blunt, bold and a resolute, as the case may be. Control over ones business operations with a formidable computerized system confer a streak of success and relief.

These are not mere questions but they are the prime and primordial factors which if neither delayed or denied will cause a serious disruption in the revenue of business. Everyone, no doubt wants to be in par and move with the growing technology. But, the latent and bitter fact is that the IT, (i.e) business management software always gets the least importance when it comes to business there by always making it an inconsequential decision.

What  is  MYBOS  Hybrid  Cloud ?

It is a cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premises and on-cloud services with automation between the two systems. Simply saying run point-of-sales system on-premises computers and inventory/accounting system on-cloud with automation between the two.

Hybrid cloud allows you to take advantage of emerging cloud technologies, while still retaining your great significance applications within your premises.

Why  Choose  MYBOS  Hybrid  Cloud ?

The right billing, inventory and integrated accounting can provide major time saving benefits and it is the absolute necessity for your company’s survival. Free up your human resources for more profitable tasks by automating your business system fully.

Choosing the appropriate software for your business can even help you eliminate time consuming manual processes. No matter what size your company is, you need to accurately manage sales, purchases, inventory and accounting to maximize your profitability and reduce overhead expenses.

SBSCC MYBOS Hybrid Cloud - is first of its kind, nothing like others takes the guesswork out of keeping proper billing, inventory and accounting. It also allows you to efficiently gather key information needed to make informed and insightful decisions.

SBSCC MYBOS is fully integrated and you can take absolute control of your sales, purchases, inventory/stock, locations, returns, receivables/payables and accounting.

Benefits  of  using  MYBOS  Hybrid  Cloud

1. Complete visibility of your business

After the racks and shelves are put in place and when goods reaches your premises or warehouse, it is important to get a visibility of stock from this moment itself. The items have to be entered and accounted to check the discrepancies between invoice quantity and the actual quantity. Control process must begin here to track the deviations and take corrective actions then & there. The metrics here essentially means defining a clear process to purchase and replenish the stocks. When the goods are well accounting at the time of purchase it can give a thorough visibility which can assist the owner to replenish the stock in tune with the inventory cycle time.

2. Putting down malpractices with iron hand

The retail as such has a high labor turnover and the owner needs to constantly hire new people to work in his store. In many of the cases the persons who are hired may turn out to be ignoble where in they may engage in some malpractice which can lead to revenue disruption. A system in place can facilitate in spotting the malpractice then and there and corrective measures can be taken instantly.

3. Improved operational efficiency

Reduction in the manual work directly puts down the scope for data entry errors. With simple operations and clear visibility of business transactions the strategies can be formulated leading to increased operational efficiency. These are few of the innumerable & notable benefits that a retail billing software system in place can give to the owner of the shop. So, decision about a having a Retail Business Management Software should be the prime decision and not an inconsequential decision.

4. Streamlined business operation

Our affordable and unique total solution will help you to streamline your business and efficiencies can be gained in a variety of places throughout your business. With our unique total solution following areas in your business will be streamlined.

How  it  Works ?

Fully integrated enterprise class total solution for your retail/wholesale business. Manage your customers, suppliers, inventory, tax, pricing, etc on-cloud and point of sales/receipts/payments on-premises.

Simply saying do sales/receipts/payments related operations such as invocing, sales returns, customer receipts, daily office expenses and inventory replenishmen at your shop computers on-premises. All other business operations such as inventory management, purchases, etc centralized on-cloud.

  • Integrated  Features

    Old school thinking:

    The computerization is always an “INCONSEQUENTIAL” decision. The business owner needs to foresee the consequences of not having a computerized system well in advance to be counted in the market over the long run. The computerized system in place can confer bountiful benefits that can take away tensions and take your business to glorious heights.