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Sell Your Own Branded Accounting and Point of Sales Software!

Billing & Accounting for any business

Billing and Accounting are the most essential tasks of any business. Without proper billing and accounting, any business could very easily get into financial mismanagement and ultimately it will fail. The fact that so many people dislike doing accounting is good news for anyone who enjoys the ins and outs of financial record keeping. Lacking time or openness, entrepreneurs and growing businesses often need help with their financial housekeeping. While doing business is getting more complex, people aren't getting better at handling their money.

Today virtually everybody needs some professional guidance. Yet most small businesses can't afford to hire or keep full-time accounting staffs. We will help you to setup your online accounting business as a service for your clients with your own identity.

Sell software solution to your clients with your own identity.

When it comes to sell accounting software, there are always hesitation and anxiety. When you’re stuck buying units from other brands to resell, you’re not in control. You’re paying the prices they dictate, on their terms, lose your clients to other resellers and you’re generally constrained in what you can do.

Building your own brand means having control

When you start your own brand, you have control – if you’re sourcing directly from a developer like us you can afford to drop prices while still making large margins. You decide what the price looks like, where the brand goes in the future – it’s your baby!

Sell our MYBOS rebrand/non-brand Accounting and Point of Sales software with your own name.

Re-brand Partner Program

Our partner program is a first of its kind, where it is designed to maximize our partner’s margins without having to go through a lot of hassle and expense. We believe that a strong commitment to enhancing your organizations product offerings to your clients - is the recipe for our mutual success.

Sell your own branded accounting and point of sales software as a service or outright

Nothing to worry! You can re-brand our MYBOS accounting and point of sales software and provide to your customer with your own brand name.

Simply saying sell accounting and point of sales systems with your own brand, which will give you self satisfaction and confident in taking your business forward.

Who can sign up as a re-brand partner?

The MYBOS Re-brand partner program is open to accounting software resellers, consultants, public accountants and those who wants to start a new cloud accounting business.

If you provide accounting/bookkeeping related solutions to your clients; then our re-brand partner program would be a great addition to your current earnings and product offerings.

How re-brand partner works?

Simply register below! Download and learn the products. Once you are ready, buy our products at a discounted rate.

What you get with re-brand partner?

• Domain of your choice, if it is a cloud based accounting.

• Rebranded desktop edition of Accounting and Billing (Point of Sales) Software.

• Buy our Accounting and Billing (Point of Sales) Software at a discounted rate.

Server/Desktop Edition Volume Discount (Rebrandable):

• 02 Packs – 30% Discount

• 05 Packs – 40% Discount

• 10 Packs – 50% Discount

• 25 Packs – 60% Discount

• 50 Packs – 70% Discount

Cloud Edition Discount Levels:

Level 1: 01-50 Subscriptions - Earn 30% discount plus 15% on annual renewal fee.

Level 2: 51-99 Subscriptions - Earn 40% discount plus 20% on annual renewal fee.

Level 3: 100+ Subscriptions - Earn 50% discount plus 30% on annual renewal fee.

Onetime Rebrand Fee

Annual Cloud Edition Fee

• Domain of your choice.
• Trial URL for your potential clients.
• Buy subscriptions at above discounted rate.

Signup Now:

Re-brand Partner Signup -> Click here to register.